Holistic Nutrition Consultations:

One of the best investments you can make in yourself is to request a holistic nutrition consultation. You will experience an individual focus on your health goals like no other. The holistic approach to your health delves deep into your lifestyle, allowing professional recommendations on how to maximize your energy, mood, health, and happiness. We cover many topics and support you through nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle patterns. Confidential consultations are handled in person or through Skype conversations, allowing flexibility with your demanding schedule.

Initial Consultation + Protocol Delivery

The initial consultation allows Marina to gather detailed information about your current state of health and wellness goals. A supportive and personalized protocol (nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle) is then created and delivered during the subsequent session.

Follow-Up Consultations

60 minute sessions that allow Marina to evaluate changes to your health, support you during transitions, work together to create new health goals and adjust the protocol as needed.

Consultation Packages

Packages including an initial consultation (including protocol delivery) + follow-up consultations for clients seeking extra customized longer-term support, or for those who have a condition that requires a gentle approach.

Customized Meal Plans

Busy days, mixed with frustration about what meals to prepare next, affect us all. Nutritionist prepared customized meals plans are the perfect solution to alleviate the constant need to entertain your taste buds. We have several plan options available for those who want a nutrient dense meal guideline, in addition to being absolutely delicious. These plans will be individually crafted according to the meal planning questionnaire you fill out regarding your food preferences, dietary restrictions, and unique health concerns.


Includes 7 days worth of personalized meals with recipes to help you achieve your desired health goals, including one weekly shopping list


Includes 14 days worth of personalized meals with recipes to help you achieve your desired health goals, including 2 weekly shopping lists


Includes 28 days worth of personalized meals with recipes to help you achieve your health goals, including 4 weekly shopping lists


Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness presentations, lunch and learns, plant-based cooking classes, and private employee consultations available. Reach out for more information!


Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes for individuals or small groups available. Classes are customized to suit personal needs, physical restraints, injuries, and preferences. Join many others who have found powerful healing benefits in yoga practice.

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