Holistic Nutrition Approach

Each individual’s health and wellness needs are as unique as their fingerprints. The holistic approach to nutrition looks at several factors surrounding an individual, including but not limited to: diet, lifestyle, environment, physical and emotional conditions, genetics, and spirituality. A thorough holistic protocol captures these personal considerations and offers guidance towards manifesting distinct health goals. Your unique protocol will outline the many paths to good health including optimal nutrition, supplementation, herbal medicine, lifestyle enhancements, and personal growth objectives.


About Marina

Marina Cajic is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher. She is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, finishing with First Class Honours. Marina has completed over 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a HR Management Certificate. She draws from vast experiences and resources in her unending quest to help others lead healthier, more gratifying lives.

After struggling with hormonal health issues and trying to navigate the complicated world of food and health, Marina became immersed in holistic approaches to wellness and their many benefits. This great quest led her to make the leap from corporate life and follow her aspirations towards holistic wellness.

Marina believes the state of wellness is a life-long journey, beginning with whole food. She has a keen interest in supporting clients with specific food sensitivities/intolerances, preferences, and diets (e.g. vegan and vegetarian) by educating them on how to find balance and optimal nutrition while still honouring their dietary needs. In addition to her nutrition practice, Marina is a certified yoga teacher, offering both group and private classes to clients. By joining her two biggest passions, nutrition and yoga, she is delighted to offer a compounded dimension of support that is powerful, nourishing, and sustainable.

When she is not helping clients, Marina enjoys traveling, writing, making her own skin care products, and experimenting in the kitchen with creative plant-based vegan recipes. She lives by the subtle call-to-action quote: “Our potential lies between what is and what could be… and what could be is limitless.”


Marina O'Connor

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

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